Project Description

Aquamax laminate

The Aquamax is an evolutionary core engineered for superior durability and water resistance against spills. A hard wearing, stain resistant surface, combined with fashionable timber decors and sizes, means that Aquamax laminate offers, extra water protection for peace of mind for everyday living.

● Superior dimensional stability due to a high density core
● Scratch and UV resistant surface layer for long lasting wear
● Embossed in Register finish for real timber look and feel
● Easy Installation with 4 sided drop end click system
● Suitable for most areas of the home and office
● Easy care and cleaning. Do not use steam mops
● Multiple board sizes available to suit your style
● 96 hour water protection

● Spec: 1830*235*12mm

Black Magic
Spotted Gum

Reflection Ultimate laminate

Reflections Laminate is designed to reflect your lifestyle with its impressive decors and unique technologies.

● High resistant transparent overlay provides protection against stains, impact and scratches with AC4 surface commercial rating.
● High Definition decorative paper: a high definition wooden paper that is reproduced with sophisticated printing techniques.
● GenCore, pure optimal HDF core, robust, durable, stable and extremely high moisture-resistant, FSC certificated.
● Back Balance Layer, which guarantees a perfectly balanced board that will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained, more importantly, it protects moisture ingression from underneath.
● A steam mop can be used on Reflections 12mm Ultimate laminate.

● Spec: 2250*195*12mm

Spotted Gum