Specialized Oak Range

European Oak Flooring-The ultimate flooring option

The cost effective way to bring elegance into your home is now easy. When you decide to go in for European oak flooring you have surely made the right choice. That personal touch is evident from the handmade output in every single board. Conscious efforts are made in maintaining environmental standards that meet social needs too.

While maintaining absolute quality standards in making every board strong and durable an effort is made to bring about eye catching details through extraordinary craftsmanship. Wide range of shades, colors and prices to suit the end user has brought engineered Oak flooring laurels across spectrum. At the outset it may seem a little expensive but when you weigh all the benefits it comes along you do not have a better choice.


Oak flooring Sydney has unique designs created by European Architects with a Hall of Fame and acclaimed to be the best globally gives that extra dimension to oak flooring. State of the art techniques such as staining and smoking create the right ambience to bring the medieval look. In case you are looking for European oak flooring Sydney that lasts long with regular maintenance you have come to the right decision.

St series

St Oak Collection

  • Both King Size 2200 x 220 x 15 (mm) & Adaptable Size 1900 x 190 x 15 (mm) available
  • Suitable for both house and apartment
  • Floating installation style available
  • E Zero, eco-friendly

Version 2

Oak Antique Collection

  • Specialized for Architects & Designers
  • Suitable for both house and apartment. Floating style available.
  • Zero formaldehyde emission, eco-friendly