Oak Mega Collection

European Oak Mega Collection is designed by European architects,every plank is fully available with FSC 100%, validating that these prodcuts are from well-managed forests, assuring this collection compliance with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

Mega collection have been refined with brushing, light hand scraping, deep smoking and staining techniques create iconic ambiances of centuries past. Captivating details through exquisite craftmanship are embedded in each and every board. Emphasizing grains and knots, handscraping to unique surface, allowing you to feel the rustic character on your fingertips.

Do not hesitate to take your own Mega feeling.

01 Ebony Grey 20mm

Ebony Grey

Light hand-scrapped, UV-oiled, adding a lot of outstanding characters to the surface. Every single plank is a complete artwork.

02 Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Grey Oiled finish adds an element of timeless distinction to any living and business space.

03 Tiger


Attractive light brushed, fairly smooth surface, and beautiful natural grain can match with any interior decoration and furnitures.

04 Old Town

Old Town

Deep smoked, brushed, light hand scrapped, white oiled make the floor looks like natural fabric. Combining traditional craft work and modern sense.

05 Limed Washed 21mm

Limed Wash

Exhibiting a smoked, brushed and natual matt lacquered finish, the versatility of Limed Wash makes for the perfect element to any interior design plan.

06 JP Charcoal

JP Charcoal

New dark stained technology. Preferred by many young architects and interior designers for its elegant and mysterious atmosphere.

07 Ivory White

Ivory White

Unique oil based finished Oak comes with white colors variation, makes your house bigger than ever.

08 Country Style

Country Style

Back to the original looking of the oak. Keep it simple and natural for you home.

09 Nature Washed

Nature Washed

Hand scraped, smoked, natural oiled finish, Natural Washed enhances a sense of spaciousness.

10 Silky Grey

Silky Grey

Grey matt lacquered of Silky Grey works to enhance a range of interior design aesthetics from rustic to refined.

Oak Mega Collection:

  • Ten unique products available for architects’ colour preference.
  • Zero formaldehyde emission, eco-friendly
  • King size boards of 2200 x 220 x 21 (mm), with 6mm Oak veneer, which can be sanded back 3 times after laying down.
  • Traditional tongue and groove joint system
  • Nail down application on wood beams, plywood or existing timber sub-floor, or glue down application on concrete slabs
  • Floating system is available
  • Matt gloss (4% – 15%)
  • Anti-slippery finish, suitable for any commercial flooring