Project Description

Oak Perfecto

The Oak Perfecto range of engineered flooring is truly timeless, with its natural features giving it a unique and enduring personality. But it’s not just its beauty that sets it apart. The engineering process involves layering a solid oak surface over a high-density core, making it extremely stable and durable, and less likely to warp or buckle with changes in temperature and humidity compared to solid timber.

In addition to its strength, Oak Perfecto is easy to care for and maintain. Its natural anti-parasitic properties and scratch-resistant coatings ensure that it will continue to look great for its entire recommended lifetime. And while a regular vacuum or sweep is all that is required, it is important to avoid using steam mops on this beautiful flooring.

Builders, designers, and architects across the country choose Oak Perfecto over hardwood flooring because of its versatility, durability, and incredible aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of colours, styles, finishes, and widths available, it can be adapted to any space and truly becomes a work of art on your floor.


Board Size (W x L x H)

190mm x 1900mm x 14mm

Finish:    Satin

Texture: Brushed

Profile:   Click/5G End Click

Grade:    ABC

Oak Perfecto is more than just a beautiful and practical choice. Its sustainable harvesting and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes make it a highly conscious flooring option. Certified by Green Guard and Floor Score, you can rest easy knowing that your choice of Oak Perfecto is as good for the planet as it is for your home.

Clever European Oak Brochure