Project Description

Highland Oak

 Backed with Dunlop Acoustic Underlay
Our Hybrid Planks are backed with a Dunlop Acoustic Underlay, a high-performance underlay designed to reduce noise in the home and add warmth underfoot.

A durable surface to stand the test of time
Dunlop Wearshield provides the extra protection your planks need for your home. The innovative ceramic bead coating is spill, dent and scratch resistant – so you can easily care for your floors and enjoy them for many years to come.

Sustainable flooring that leaves a lighter footprint
We are committed to helping the environment and making our homes a healthier place. Awarded the Best Practises PVC Certification by Bureau Veritas, each Heartridge Hybrid Plank is low in VOC’s and phthalate free, helping improve air quality in the home.

Plank Size: 7 x 228 x 1840mm

Available in a variety of different colours, Highland Oak Hybrid Plank offers a stylish range of designs that create a modern and sophisticated look for your home.

Dunlop Highland Oak Hybrid Brochure
Arlington Grove
Autumn Harvest
Dalmore Ash
Kempton Oak
Regal Cove
Smokey Isle
Sterling Fall
Woodford Glenn